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You can see our services for the ones who want to buy houses or establishing a company in Turkey below.


  1. Free Airport transfers and booking a hotel if demanded
  2. Helping you to organize viewing tours to find your dream property
  3. Explaining to you the total purchasing procedure in detail to have peace of mind if you have question marks
  4. We help you to find your dream property according to your budget!
  5. Arranging a bankloan or credit from a Construction Company
  6. A secure sales contract!
  7. Appointment with an English Speaking Lawyer if demanded
  8. Receiving tax number & informing you about your property taxes in Turkey
  9. Appointment with a Notary Public for power of attorney and an independant translator in your mother tongue.


  1. Application of your title deed at General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Office
  2. A Happy Day! Registering the property on your behalf!
  3. Assisting you to register your tax ID number from the Turkish Tax Office.
  4. Registering abonnements of electricity, water and telephone. See expenses
  5. Assisting you to open a bank account in Turkey
  6. Help on buying house appliances and furniture.
  7. Help on real estate insurance (against accident, health, storm, theft and earthquake)
  8. Recommendation for rent a car and booking your airport transfers
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